Thursday, February 16, 2012

The challenge to become fit again

My waistline is 25cm and my weight is 45kg. I am really skinny. I have the body that NO MATTER how many times I bulk my tummy I never gain a kilogram. That I can sit even sleep with a FULL stomach. I don't even have a slab of fat in my tummy. To me, my body is a dream come true for every girl: to be able to eat like a man without gaining. My parents even my aunts will get annoyed and tell me "Are you eating right?". Here's the deal, that was 3 years ago.

Today I am wearing size 29 or 30 jeans. I have slabs of fat in my tummy, I have to stand up after eating and everytime I eat, I gain a kilogram. Blame it for my developed and still evolving love for food. Having lovelife really makes you bulk (on my own opinion) if your partner does really take good care of you or spoils you at some time. My boyfriend loves to take me out to dine in and shop. 2011 is the year that contributed A LOT in my weight gain. During my second semester, I started noticing I really have a stomach of a man, I eat rice for breakfast with bacon and cheesecake almost always. One time, I was on my usual routine(I had ate my fav. breakfast meal), had my lunch(sisig, rice and egg) also and after school I have to go to grocery for our laboratory the next day. I met up with my friends at SM Manila Foodcourt and they were eating so, they ask me to have some too. I wasn't really hungry that time but I took the invitation. I bought my own meal at Pinoy Toppings. This chain is actually serving a massive amount of rice along with your all-time favorite Pinoy ulam like Tapa, Pares etc. and fried banana for dessert. I ordered Tapsilog (I love Tapa) and a large size of Pineapple Juice. When I got to our table, I finished my food for about 5 to 7 minutes and they were telling me: "My god! You're a monster Jazel! Are you even human after all?" They were laughing and one of my friend told me: "You even finished your meal faster than Mel does and she was like eating that for 30minutes already". I bragged more: "I don't know, I even ate rice, bacon, cheesecake for breakfast, I also had my sisig lunch at school. you know". When I was in Arizona, (on-the-job training) the shop employees were the best spoiler, we can eat anything inside the shop as long as there's no customers and no supervisors/manager around. And I tell you, this is no ordinary shop because it is an ICE CREAM shop (my weakness). I could whip up my own milkshake, I can grab a pack of cheetos and grandma chocolate chip cookies. When my friend and I went out to eat, the regular size of fries, burgers and sodas back there is equivalent to our upsize version in Philippines. When I went back, my boyfriend finally introduced me to his family when they were here (they live in K.S.A). Turns out the family loves to dine in. And our first dinner together, they took me in Superbowl, SM MOA. And they ordered like, 2 family size of Yangchow rice and 4 main courses. The second is when they took me in Max's and the deal was still on-going that time (the deal: unlimited chicken for 175) and I ate 5 plates of that (OMG. I know, it's really OM) alone. My boyfie's mother, she was like: "Jazel eats a lot pala". I know that time my cheeks flushed red. I developed a perception that I got the thing for food in my circle of friends. December 2011 my Benj took me to Dad's Kamayan Saisaki restaurant at Glorietta 2 (I think, I'm not sure, all I know it's in Glorietta) and we had buffet dinner. Yes I ate to my heart's content. I almost tried everything. I bulk up with Tempura so much (because I love Tempura) December is definitely the month of no-no dieting. January is my birth month, I had like 3 times celebration, one with Benj and my family (on my birthdate), second plus with relatives at Seaside - Trinity Restaurant, third with college super friends at Japanese Buffet Restaurant - Yakimix. On such occasions, I never hold back on anything. Just go and eat. And although I complain a little on my weight, being teased of being fat, having flabby arms, I shrugged those comments off because I know food really conceives me. And I'm trying to enjoy the dining experience to the fullest while I can because when I got older, I will have to watch out on every food I take in my stomach.

Suddenly, I realize, I need to slash off some kilos. Because I'm being conscious. My boyfriend is trying to stay fit because he needs to prepare for his Bora trip along with his co-workers and clients. And he's like: "Hon, we need to get fit. We need to." And I'm like: "Ok, we'll do it together". This is the time that I feel, I really need to cut off.

I found this interesting site:

based on my own observation it is a virtual weight planner.
Of course, I signed up. I'm determined to reach my goal. I just wanted to cut like 15 kilograms.

Fingers crossed.

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