Saturday, October 20, 2012

Beauche International fs Week 2

Yey! I finally have a time to post the 2nd week update of using Beauche International fs. Since I started posting picture of my progress, I decided to post the pictures until I finished/got in to the point that I wanted to stop using the set. It will be a very bold move but I decided to push through to proved that not only perfect skinned people are allowed to blog about beauty. I mean, how about us -- people with skin problems?! I am here to show my fellas that somewhere, something is there to be a cure for our biggest frustration. I wanted to let them know that they're not alone.

going back to Beauche..


Day 8-15: Aside from agonizing while applying the clarifying solution, exfoliating cream and rejuvenating cream, my skin experience minor peeling near my lips. My whiteheads are gone, pimples on both jawline are drying, my blackheads on nose are still very visible (and many) and my forehead pimple is 80% healed. Pimple marks are still visible, I don't even see they're slightly fading. On the chin area, the pimple healed but the bump is still there. My skin is doing good in terms of brightening effect. There's nothing actually more to say about this week. But I am not yet giving up!

I also happen to purchased my 2nd set on this week. Better to be prepared than never.

Here's the scariest and most shocking part of every Beauche post that I will make..

Are you ready guys?

I think my skin looks gorgeous! Thanks A.C. cream! :)

How about this one?

Guess not that bad for second week progress?

Verdict for 2nd week experience:
7.5 out of 10 -- It healed but didn't seemed to wow me at all! I started waking up, feeling like "blaaaaaaaah!" unlike the first week. Maybe because, I still see the pimple marks are not getting lighter. :(
I still won't give up!

Disclaimer's Note:

Before I continue writing my 2nd week update on Beauche International's facial set, I would like to tell you guys that I am not affiliated to the company nor being paid for the review I am making. Unless stated. I am posting my review according to my experience. Thank You!

-- hehehe! just wanted to make it all clear to you guys

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Beauche International facial set week 1 skin update

I started using the set like two weeks ago (on going to third week). My skin had a break out prior to using Beauche, they're from the products I used 1 & 2 and before using Beauche, I paused for 8days just plain washing of face with cetaphil. The picture of my face on the 2nd link is my skin's condition when I started using the set. Below of this post is the picture of my face after using it for one week.

WARNING: if you're easily disgusted with people taking picture of their acne scarred face closely..... please look away or close your eyes. :)


Pimples are all over my face especially on the cheeks, jawline (left and right - 1 pimple for each sides) & forehead - there lays the most notorious pimple of mine.
My nose: somehow have blackheads on it
Near my lips (right): got whiteheads

Week 1 Experiences
Day 1 & 2: Nothing. Except, I noticed that it stings a little whenever I apply the regimen. And on my 2nd night, I felt my face getting stretched. The pimples are getting drier. Face turned Orangey-brown something.
Day 3-5: My face turned totally dark orangey-brown and it peeled. I am not telling you about micro-peeling here, it peeled OBVIOUSLY (good thing I'm not yet working or else this would be a problem). On the jaw line area (both left & right) pimples are starting to show up. Whiteheads appeared near my lips on the right side. On my nose area, I saw a blackhead looking like it's being pushed out of my pore. My nose is still looking like a strawberry skin. I felt my face tighter than before.
Day 6-7: My whiteheads near the lips are getting dried. There's micro-peeling and yet, I started waking up feeling beautiful than ever because whenever I look into the mirror my face is like smiling and telling me "Good morning! I'm feeling extra gorgeous right now :)". My jaw line pimples are seemed multiplying. And my chin got pimples and whiteheads. Face is noticeably whiter than before. BUT the pimple marks (red one) doesn't seemed to get any lighter. :(

So here's the picture I'm talking about.

Hold your breath

Don't say I didn't warn you!

As you can see, I also have problem on my chin, I have a pimple like or bump whatever there and it is also the reason why I use Beauche, to get rid of that mysterious bump.

VERDICT for 1st week experience:
If I am after whitening my face, I would give it 10 out of 10, hands down. The product delivered amazing result in whitening my face in just a short span of time (7days ladies & gents! very promising in whitening). But I am after Beauche because I wanted to heal my face from skin impurities/problems(pimples, whiteheads and blackheads and obviously pimple marks & somehow lightening the scars--if possible). In terms of satisfaction of its healing ability on my break out caused by previous regimen. I will give it 7 out 10. Because it heal my pimples (on my cheeks) I had before using it but I actually think my face looked worse than my starter picture because after healing the pimples it took many out. And it didn't heal my jaw line pimple, it even add another pimples. But it's just a week. And I know I am going through purging stage. I am not totally disappointed since it has a long way to go. Will keep you updated! :)

Introducing Beauche International facial set

I finally got my hands on this facial set! And I was really excited to try it on my face (though it was risky).

I got the set for 750php. It consists of a beauty bar soap, toner, clarifying solution, exfoliating cream and rejuvenating cream. I actually bought 2 extra beauty bar soap (1 for me & 1 for my sister).

According to them - Beauche the facial set is:
"Our product is very good for skin irregularities like:
Oily face
Black and White heads
Old skin/ Open pores

And the initial reactions of the skin during first week would be:
Redness of face
Stinging sensation
Appearance of new pimples
Tightening of skin

I am not going to post the routine/ how to use the products because I have seen TONS of posts in personal blogs, multiply sites, facebook accounts, sulit and even youtube. Especially the authorized dealers of the products are doing that. But in case you still wanted to know how to, I would like to recommend this link: Beauche - every detail about the products are there and they also got beauty tips when using their product.

Personally, I am after its healing ability. You see, I got a terrible skin and I don't know if Beauche can do wonders to me. Stay Tuned! ;)