Saturday, September 29, 2012

Skin update

I must say my ACV toner 1 week journey is fine. It dried my pimples quick BUT new pimples keep on appearing. Well I guess it's because of the exfoliant cream I am using which is Maxipeel.

yep. The cream actually helped drying my pimples but since it causes to go through purging stage new pimple keeps coming out and not to mention that it was my month (you probably get what I really mean). The cream actually made positive effect on me.

Some of my pimple dried out though there are still some pimples and blemishes left. In overall look of my face when taken picture (which I don't have the strength to do yet) It's waaaaay better. I actually look brighter (mom said). Also the cream actually removed the white heads I have in the right part near to my chin. I would like to share my face's condition right now.

It looked like my face got WORSE. I completely stopped treating my face with the Maxipeel cream because as I have said on my previous post, I would like to try Beauche facial set. Despite of some negative results to other people who have used it, they never caused me to step back on trying Beauche. I mean,I still have my ACV toner formula and not to mention my Tea Tree Oil. *winks* I just wanted to say that before formulating my own toner (and before my face became a problem like a serious one), I have been reading posts about Beauche for a month. And I could tell you that I am very very eager to try it. I blame the Beauche store in Pulanglupa right beside the 7-eleven. Plus the store is totally cute because it's in pink. It TOTALLY got me curious about their products. I have encountered the product name once - that was when the hype about Local Obagi is really high. Of course, I ignored Beauche because I am ineterested to Local Obagi. Anyway, I saw the Beauche facial set already and I can say it was kinda similar to L.O. Or, maybe it was actually a better formulation of Local Obagi with a name on it, not to mention the FDA and Halal approval. Although I said that I don't have enough financial support to buy the set... I actually managed to save. LOL! (that's how eager I am) And even if I don't buy my own set, I have my sister. I actually got her interested because I told her "Ate, bili tayo ng Beauche mukha kasing maganda. Nabasa ko sa mga reviews". Now my sister is asking me when I will buy my set because she's going too. Thank God for the distributors here in Las PiƱas area. I am literally excited to try and cheers to the end of my sleepless nights of not being able to buy Beauche for me. The photo above will be my starting point and we'll see how the product works. Stay tuned!

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