Saturday, October 20, 2012

Beauche International fs Week 2

Yey! I finally have a time to post the 2nd week update of using Beauche International fs. Since I started posting picture of my progress, I decided to post the pictures until I finished/got in to the point that I wanted to stop using the set. It will be a very bold move but I decided to push through to proved that not only perfect skinned people are allowed to blog about beauty. I mean, how about us -- people with skin problems?! I am here to show my fellas that somewhere, something is there to be a cure for our biggest frustration. I wanted to let them know that they're not alone.

going back to Beauche..


Day 8-15: Aside from agonizing while applying the clarifying solution, exfoliating cream and rejuvenating cream, my skin experience minor peeling near my lips. My whiteheads are gone, pimples on both jawline are drying, my blackheads on nose are still very visible (and many) and my forehead pimple is 80% healed. Pimple marks are still visible, I don't even see they're slightly fading. On the chin area, the pimple healed but the bump is still there. My skin is doing good in terms of brightening effect. There's nothing actually more to say about this week. But I am not yet giving up!

I also happen to purchased my 2nd set on this week. Better to be prepared than never.

Here's the scariest and most shocking part of every Beauche post that I will make..

Are you ready guys?

I think my skin looks gorgeous! Thanks A.C. cream! :)

How about this one?

Guess not that bad for second week progress?

Verdict for 2nd week experience:
7.5 out of 10 -- It healed but didn't seemed to wow me at all! I started waking up, feeling like "blaaaaaaaah!" unlike the first week. Maybe because, I still see the pimple marks are not getting lighter. :(
I still won't give up!


  1. wheres the third week or fourth week

  2. are you still using beauche? parehas kasi tayo ng skin problem, "LATE BLOOMER" sabi mo nga.
    nakatulong ba sayo to?nagstart ko tong gamitin ngayon.