Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My skin story (part 1)

For those people who are suffering from acne and acne scars, I can feel you, because that is the case I have right now. I know that it seemed like it's an endless battle, it can be frustrating and at the same time, can be depressing too. Right now, I could say my skin have improved so much compared on what I had before. I cannot say that it's totally different because I am still suffering from acne scars but I am not experiencing extreme break-outs like before. Before achieving this level, I went through a LOT of frustrations, depression, dermatologists and products (from expensive to cheapest to chemical to natural remedies) just to cure my acne. I know that our self-confidence is so affected because of our situation. Just like me, whenever I walk my way to the school,I always walk with my head down because I am so ashamed of my face bombarded with acne and acne scars. I cannot even look my face in a mirror, because when I do I get so depressed and I am hating myself more or sometimes, looking at the mirror makes me cry so hard because I pity myself that I am one of those people who suffered from such depressing case. There are times that I envy those girls with smooth skin because they can dolled-up their faces without worrying of having a bad pimple, or simply because, they can show off their faces without feeling of shame, while me,on the other hand, I can't do those things because instead of making me prettier it would only make me uglier than ever and no person can be dazzled on my tocino-like face. I got the lowest of low self-esteem. I only see myself as an ugly-duckling with no chance of being a stunning swan someday. As of this moment, I am not saying that I am confident of my face, but I have managed to raise my self-esteem level by doing things I know I am good at. I'm staying positive because I know this will be cured. Of course, I still have down times and whenever those times come, I just tell myself:
"Late bloomer lang ako"

..even if it really mean super duper LATE bloomer.

My face about 4 years ago

Face's condition now

That's all I can share for now, don't worry it's just Part 1. There are a lot of parts coming. I will show you if I ever get improvements on my face because I am in constant search for clearing up my skin (hopefully). And probably, give some advice on achieving clear skin and on being "beautiful".

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